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Top 10 Most Useless Courses To Study in Nigeria Universities


Top 10 Most Useless Courses To Study in Nigeria Universities

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Top 10 Most Useless Courses To Study in Nigeria in 2022/2023

In this post I will be showing you the top 10 Most Useless Courses To Study in Nigeria universities, most especially in this digital age that we are in, most of this courses over the years has been rendering most graduates very useless, we can say that 90% of students that studied and graduated from the Nigerian universities with this courses one way or the other pivot to other fields to find job.

The rate of unemployment is increasing by the day because our students are not given the proper career orientations before getting ready to be admitted into the universities.

10 Most Useless Courses To Study in Nigeria

Useless courses are those courses students study that are not marketable and lucrative, courses that can’t add value to your life, courses that won’t give you the chance to think outside the box and be creative.

I will be listing them below before I take them one after the other to explain why I think this courses are very useless in today’s Nigeria university.

  1. Library and Information Science
  2. Zoology
  3. Geography
  4. Animal Husbandry
  5. Botany
  6. History
  7. Microbiology
  8. Soil Science
  9. Sociology
  10. Social Studies
Credits: Clark Library

1. Library and Information Science

Library and information science, I can boldly say that, this is the Most Useless Course To Study in Nigeria, according to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia,

Library and information Science is an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information.


So when you study this course in the Nigerian university you are expected to become a Librarian, a Lecturer, a Teacher or you find another job outside your field of study, because the positions are already filled up.


2. Zoology

I remember when I was looking to study Computer Engineering in the university, my first attempt to gain admission I was offered Zoology, people said I should take it, in their own words “Do you know how many people are looking for admission?” “Opportunity come but once, take it”.

But as a passionate person I asked a lecturer about what will become after graduation, he stammer for some seconds before he finally said Zoo keeper, I was like what the F***? how many Zoos do we have in Nigeria?

Please don’t get me wrong, Zoo Keepers might be earning decent amount of money outside Nigeria but not in Nigeria, so out of the top 10 most useless courses to study in Nigerian universities, Zoology is number 2, the course is not in anyway lucrative in Nigeria as at now.

A Zoology can also work as animal trainer, veterinarian and wildlife rehabilitator.

Credits: Oxford Dictionary

3. Geography

Geography is also one of those most useless course to study in Nigeria right now, if you look at courses like Computer Science or Civil Engineering that give you the room to develop yourself, give people what will make them happy by been creative, Geography doesn’t have so much in it, you can’t really do much with Geography, without looking it up on Google what does people that study geography do? Exactly, you don’t know.

Exactly what people are facing in Nigeria today, people (Nigeria Students) that study Geography in the Universities don’t really know what to do with their life.

In this part of the world, don’t study Geography because it is one of the most useless courses to study in Nigeria.

Animal Husbandry

4. Animal Husbandry.

Animal husbandry is supposed to be one of the most lucrative field of study, but unfortunately it isn’t, because the major work are already taking over by Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria, also large amount of Nigerians are into farming so getting into Fish, Egg and meat production is quite easy.

The need for graduates in this fields is very minimal as anyone can do the job in Nigeria. So it’s useless.

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