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A BORN LEADER; MERRY NATAL CYCLE ADAYI – Ozioto Celebrates Engn Ohere @ 56


A BORN LEADER; MERRY NATAL CYCLE ADAYI – Ozioto Celebrates Engn Ohere @ 56

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Happy Birthday

On this blessed day, the water bag was broken; behind the splash was a tiny being with it’s homage cry. And the household was joy drunk of the arrival of a household name in the hatch… The Legendary July Born, Adayi Abubakar Ohere

Going by his principles, he would wish this day zooms by, evading our consciousness just like him, owing to his preoccupation with responsibilities of engagement and affairs of the people as an exemplary leader.

Disappointedly, the countdown from the last marking has been religiously followed by lovers like the ramadan crescent till the very introductory minute of the crossover. Even if the space slumbers and a nanosecond now equals a day, the sun will never rise unnoticed.

Yeah, it is the Born Day of a servant-leader; an Administrator par excellence; a perfect peg for holes of all shapes; a beacon of hope; a grower of men; a good listener; a father of all; a lover of youths; an astute politician; a harbinger of peace; very hospitable; result-oriented; calm and humane; humility personified; tender-hearted; tolerant; prudent; courageous; honest; determined; a borderless philanthropist; an embodiment of humanity; and a man with unquenchable thirst for humanitarian services.

If *”OHERE”* denotes *”RELIEVER”,* then needless asking “what is in a name?”

Let the seas simmer in to inks; the trees shrink to pens; and mountains flatten to slates, the catalogues will overflow with bible-paged testimonies of his goodness.

It is a pleasure joining your numerous well wishers to felicitate with you on this auspicious occasion of another 365 days of accomplishing and milestone existence.

Surely, you are a nourishely seasoned seed; divinely planted; watered by the heaven; rigidized by the winds of dynamism; firmly rooted in and anchored by the earth; thrusting tall and strong in to the celestials by the days; fruiting for and giving shade to many indiscriminately; no amount of worldly storm will be able to shake or pull you down In Sha Allah. His angels will guide and guard you in all your endeavors.

A blessed, fulfilled and prolonged stay on this planet; I ask for you. Blessed is the womb that bore you; blessed is the day your first cry was heard; blessed are the arms that shouldered you; and blessed is every heart that love and cherish you.
Special is 55 for a special being, your affairs will beget special attention from the Lord of the Universe.

Long life and prosperity to the colossus progeny of a Sage, my dear Amiable Boss; Quintessential Leader; Upright Mentor; and Caring Father, Engr. (Dr.) Abubakar S. Ohere, FNSE.

Today na your day, do shakara our “Distinguished Incoming Senator* InshaAllah

Credits: E.S Ozioto

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