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Photos: Reno Omokri is an Adulterer and a Cheat – David Hundeyin


Photos: Reno Omokri is an Adulterer and a Cheat – David Hundeyin

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Reno Omokri is an Adulterer and a Cheat

Reno Omokri is an adulterer

Investigative Journalist Authenticates Natasha Allegation Against Reno Omokri, Reveals He Impregnated His Side Chic, Abandoned His Wife.

For anyone who has been very active on this space, what transpired between the former President’s aide, Reno Omokri and the Kogi Central PDP Senatorial Candidate, Natasha Akpoti sometimes ago isn’t longer news.

Natasha who went after Reno with a watery allegation in defense of a Facebook user (Blessing Ahuoiza Blizzcute) who crossed Reno’s redline, retreated after Reno bursted her allegations with evidences.

While it seems like the issue was dieing a natural death, Reno’s fans/supporters never let Natasha alone, they never gave her a breathing space as they were always on her comment section, trolling her within that period of time. It was during this period Natasha probably got provoked, which in turn made her spill another allegation/revelation against Reno.

While replying one of Reno Omokri’s supporters after they came after her as usual, she wrote:

“Good to meet a sensible supporter of Reno Omokri.
Please help ask him why his beautiful and hardworking wife Twuokpe Onuwaje walked out of their marriage.
If the world knew, he’ll hang himself out of shame
Tick tock”

Natasha Hadiza Akpoti

See screenshot below:

Unfortunately, this allegation/revelation couldn’t make it to the general public as the first allegation by her already got bursted by Reno and everyone found it very hard to believe her then.

A recent update from Authentic Voice, courtesy of David Hundeyin, an investigative journalist some hours ago on their Facebook page has confirmed what Natasha meant by her comment and the authenticity of the revelation/allegation.

According to David Hundeyin, as re-shared by Authentic Voice;

  1. Reno is married with a family in California, USA
  1. Pastor Reno Omokri got an Ethiopian lady pregnant out of wedlock.
  2. Reno is an adulterer.
  3. Reno claims to be a Pastor
  4. Reno Omokri bashes single ladies
  5. Reno keeps baby mama.

See image below:

Sighs! Reno Omokri has been facing a lot ever since he stepped on OBI-dients toes and this is obviously one of the a lots.

PS: Screenshot of Natasha H Akpoti’s comment attached is from October, 2021(No blue tick/verification then)

All thanks to the meticulous record keeping team we’ve got.

Credits: Ebira4Real.

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