See Moment Okada Man Brutalized, Robbed, Motorcycle Snatched In Okehi – Video

Scary moment as commercial motorcyclist popularly known as Okada man who is identified with the name Idris from Okuhapa in Okehi LGA got beaten, robbed by his passengers in the mid hours of today, Monday.

According to report reaching us, Idris had carried two passengers who said they were going to Ihima and instructed him to follow Obangede route and just after Government Girls Unity School, Oboroke, he was ‘heavily attacked’.

Idris was found lying unconscious by the road after being beaten to stupor, pepper rubbed in his eyes and his motorcycle snatched from him in Obangede.

The report said, “His name is Idris from Okuhapa. Okuhapa is in Okehi LGA of Kogi State. He’s the son of Mall. Iraga. Idris is an okada man. His father, Iraga is a driver.

Idris carried two persons who said they were going to Ihima. They told him to pass through Obangede. Just after the girls school, Government Girls Unity School, Oboroke, he was heavily attacked.

It happened today at around 3:30p.m. Idris was beaten to stupor, pepper robbed on his eyes and he sustained various degree of injuries.

He was unconscious and could only say few words to us.It was an Okada man who passed through the road that saw Idris helplessly on the bush that took him to Obangede.

His motorcycle was snatched from him. Only one person recognized him as Idris from Okuhapa, and his father Mall. Iraga (driver).”

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Report from: @ebira4real

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