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Top 5 Places to Meet a Husband Material in Nigeria


Top 5 Places to Meet a Husband Material in Nigeria

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It is no longer a secret that nowadays, finding a suitable ‘husband material‘ among the millions of men in Nigeria is very hard.

Top 5 Places to Meet a Husband Material in Nigeria
Husband material cooking with his wife in the kitchen

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Who is a husband material?

A husband material is a man with the potentials to make a good husband.

While there are many men out there who fit in the requirements of what your dream man should be, the possibilities of you meeting one that is ready to commit and bestow you with his last name is minimal.

It sometimes causes some spinsters to ask, “God, when?” and fantasise about the day you throw your bouquet to a group of single women at your wedding.

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What if I tell you that the reason you haven’t met a husband material is because you are actually searching for him at the wrong places? When it comes to meeting the future father of your kids, location is critical and very important.

So, if you are in the shoes of finding a perfect match, keep following as I bring to you the;

Top 5 places to meet a husband material in Nigeria

1. Football Viewing Centre

Funny but magical, before you kick it off, check out how. Everyone knows that many men and football are 5 and 6. So, whenever there is a major league or match happening, be sure that they will turn up in their numbers at different viewing centres.

What am I trying to say? If you walked into a viewing centre wearing the jersey of a particular club, chances that you will become the centre of attraction are very high because;

  • You are a woman, and
  • You are a woman who likes football.

This would lead to several men wanting to start a conversation with you, hoping it would lead to a relationship or something intimate.

It will then be your choice to decide which of the men fits your criteria for being a husband material.

2. The Gym

The same way women spend their time at the spa to look good, men spend theirs working out at the gym.

Going to the gym allows you to not only meet a husband material but a man who takes his health seriously and a man that is physically fit.

Men are attracted to women who work out, so there is a high possibility that before you finish ten jumping jacks, there will be at least 15 men waiting to exchange numbers with you.

3. Religion centres

Have you ever thought that the reason why you keep dating unserious guys is because you didn’t meet them at the churches or mosques?

The truth is that; one of the things that makes a man a good husband is the moral lessons he receives from those religion institutions.

So, if you are the religion fanatics type who would love to date/marry a brother that preaches well on Sunday or a brother that can recites the Holy Qur’an verses very well, then you have a high chances of finding a husband material in this two places if you are constantly visiting there.

4. The shopping mall

If there is one thing films and advertisements have taught us, it is that love can happen anywhere, especially in a shopping mall.

If during your shopping, you notice man buying foodstuffs all by himself, feel free to approach him for one or two charts, you can even use a style to ask questions about a particular product. From your conversation, you will know if he is a potential husband material that suits your criteria. Another way is, you can pretend to bump in your shopping cart into his just like in Nollywood movies, and from there, you both can talk about other things before giving him your number.

5. At a wedding ceremony

This is not the time to say I know too no the bride or groom like that “omo get inside wedding events and don’t turn down any invitations to weddings”. Now would be the best time to start gate crashing wedding parties in search of your future husband. Dress well and smell nice “Na you know wetin dey pepper you for body”.

At least a good number of men who attend wedding parties are husband materials. You have to observe them and occasionally ask people questions about them to gain deeper insight.

And no, I didn’t meant you should be targeting or hooking up with married men because heartbreak might follow it later.

Thanks for the time devoted in reading my article, I pray one among those listed above fullfills your wishes.

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