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True Story: Ebiro’divi – Wickedness (A Must Read)


True Story: Ebiro’divi – Wickedness (A Must Read)

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People can be so cruel that they tend destroy a bright future just for their own selfish interest.

True Story: Ebiro'divi - Wickedness (A Must Read)

Allot happens in life but sometimes I wonder if some people have a heart and even if they does, why does it have to be a wicked one, a question I keep asking myself.

There lived a man in a small village who got married and had a girl child, he named her Fawzia which means VICTORIOUS.

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His wife on the other hand left him when their child was just a year old with the circumstances that she got married to the man without knowing any of his sibling, he refuses to introduce her to anyone and also forbid her from going out aside their compound.

The divorce issue affected the man badly as though their child was just a year. Concerned neighbors assist him sometimes in taking care of his daughter while he attend to work duties.

As their traditions has it, every child born in that village must be taken for divination rites (Eva ozi in Ebira Language) once they cross 2years. This is expected to be done by the parents of the child alone.

A year later when Fawzia crossed 2years old, the father took her to the chief priest for her divination rites as their traditions demand.

During consultation, the chief priest revealed the future expectations of Fawzia to her father and it states;

“Your daughter is a blessed child, who ever that marries her will not only be successful but also stand a chance of being the most popular and the most wealthy of his kind”.

This kept ringing into Fawzia’s fathers head tagged with fear of men treating his child wrongly due to the deep love and affection he has for her.

The chief priest rounded up his work, bless and gift the child with so many items and they left with so much joy in his heart.

Months after the divination rites, Fawzia’s father had a discussion with his friend whose wife have always assisted him in taking care of the little girl. He pleaded with them to adopt Fawzia as their child so that she can have a sibling.

The friend and his wife were furious because they knew for a fact that he deeply love and care for his daughter but however, they accepted and adopt Fawzia as their own.

Years after, Fawzia who was already 10 months pregnant couldn’t give birth. She stayed in the hospital for complete 3months which made her pregnancy 13months and yet no changes. They took her back to the village to see the native doctor where her divination rites was carried out and the chief priest faulted a taboo and a hidden secret.

Fawzia while growing up had a best friend and a boyfriend whom she kept a secret from her family. They all went to the same school and graduated together, they promised to keep their relationship secret until the boy is financially stable to come for her hand in marriage.

While the boy was away to hustle so they could have a bright future together, he heard rumors that Fawzia have been married out to one of his supposed father’s friend because he is wealthy and as a matter of fact, she was already pregnant.

The chief priest who faulted a taboo over Fawzia’s pregnancy seek to see her husband, the husband immediately stepped forward. The chief priest consulted the oracle and asked the man to free Fawzia so that she can give birth and be free. He instantly got provoked and left there claiming that the chief priest doesn’t know his work. Fawzia’s adopted parents were very worried, they might not really know the cause of the delay but they knew for a fact that their is a hidden secret which their daughter isn’t aware of.

Fawzia’s ex. boyfriend who travelled abroad to secure a job and earn a living only to be informed that his girlfriend is married met with Fawzia’s best friend oversea and they became best of friends again.

After months of friendship, they got into a serious relationship together, inform their parents about it, and fix a date for their wedding. The both families were at home making preparations for their children’s wedding before they return from abroad. Months after gathering enough capital, they decided to come home for a proper marriage rites.

As destiny may have it, Fawzia’s ex. boyfriend who is about getting married to her best friend is a son to the chief priest. While he return home for his wedding, he met Fawzia at his father’s abode with heavy pregnancy receiving treatment. He was so broken seeing a girl he once loved in that terrible situation. He immediately called the attention of his wife to be who lost contact with Fawzia long time ago and she joined them there.

After 5days and much plea, Fawzia’s husband and her adopted parents alongside with some elders returned back to the chief priest place for a resolution. The chief priest still repeated his statement that Fawzia’s husband should free her and allow her to give birth. At this point, he was socked in tears and with a heavy heart, he narrates;

After Fawzia’s divination rites, I had a deep thought and couldn’t bear to see her in another man’s arm with all her blessings for free. I collide with my friend and his wife to adopt Fawzia as their child while I still take full responsibilities of her until she graduate from school and grown for marriage.

They accepted to adopt her and I started taking responsibilities but unknown to her thinking it was all her parents doing. I visit them on a steady and made myself drawn to Fawzia in order to earn her love and trust as her parent’s best friend.

Immediately she rounded up her University education, I quickly ask for her hand in marriage from her adopted parents, they refused and I used the authority of ownership to win them over which they are left with no choice but to give me a go ahead. I also persuaded Fawzia for months and with the help of her adopted parents, she agreed to marry me.

Fawzia if my only beloved daughter whose mother left us when she was just a year old, he added.

Upon revealing this hidden secret, Fawzia screamed, pushed harder and gave birth to a baby boy. Every other person were sent out and the traditional maidens, took proper care of her and the baby.

Years after which Fawzia’s ex. boyfriend and her best friend got married, they both returned back to the village to check on her well being only to discover that fawzia is now a widow and she is living a terrible life in the village, struggling to raise her son.

After the secret was revealed and she put to bed, Fawzia vow not to forgive her adopted parents and her biological parents. She took her child, personal belongings, some valuables that can earn her income once she sold them and ran away to another village to start a new life.

Fawzia met a woman who employed her as a cook in a bar restaurant unknown to her that her supposed boss was her mother who abandoned her and ran away when she was just a year old.

Fawzia’s boss loved her very well and sometimes helped her look after the baby while she attend to customers.

Months after trying to know how Fawzia became a single mother with a little baby, she figured that Fawzia was her long abandoned child whom she have searched for after discovering that she can’t bear a child anymore but couldn’t find the father (her ex. husband) destination.

Fawzia’s boss revealed this to her, pleaded for forgiveness and promised to fill the gap of a mother again but this time around, it was too late. Fawzia pretends to have accepted her plea and she ran away with the baby overnight.

While going through all this, she was still in contact with her best friend who got married to her ex. boyfriend but she never revealed her bad situation to her because she was ashamed until she became hopeless and cry for help.

These prompt her best friend into forcing her husband back to the village to check on her, they traced her to the address she sent.

Her best friend who couldn’t bear the situation she met Fawzia pleaded and persuaded her husband for days to marry Fawzia as a second wife in order for them to adopt the baby and train him well.

Fawzia’s ex. boyfriend made preparations and ask for Fawzia’s hand in marriage as requested by his wife. this is like a dream come true, she was so happy and didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. They both got married, travel abroad and they all live happily ever after.

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