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Anikulapo Movie: How I created Bimbo Ademoye’s ‘b***bs’ in Anikulapo – Makeup Artist


Anikulapo Movie: How I created Bimbo Ademoye’s ‘b***bs’ in Anikulapo – Makeup Artist

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Anikulapo movie – Celebrity makeup artist Onilogbo Hakeem, known professionally as Hakeem Effect, has revealed how actress Bimbo Ademoye’s fake breasts were created for Kunle Afolayan’s new movie titled “Anikulapo”.

Anikulapo Movie: How I created Bimbo Ademoye’s ‘b***bs’ in Anikulapo – Makeup Artist
Onilogbo Hakeem and Bimbo Ademoye

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Anikulapo is the story of Saro – played by Kunle Remi- a travelling clothe weaver, who was beaten to death for having an affair with the Alaafin’s youngest wife named Arolake played by Bimbo Ademoye.

A mystical bird brings him back to life, leaving behind a gourd with the power to raise the dead.

In one of the love scenes, the king’s wife took off her clothes, revealing her breasts before having s*x with Saro.

Social media users reacted in collective astonishment at the sight of the queen’s breasts sparking a debate about Bimbo going nude.

While some commended the actress for her commitment to the character and doing what was required to make the scene believable, others criticise her for showing off what they believed to be her breasts.

Clearing the air in a recent Facebook post, Hakeem pointed out that the b***bs were prosthetic, adding that it took his team hours to get the job done.

Sharing a photo of the boobs, he wrote: “Took me and my team hours to get this done. Hakeem Effect our slogan is stretching your imagination.”

After clearing the air, fans who had questions and doubts about the love scene hailed the make-up artiste for his talent. See some reactions below:

“That B***bs you saw in ANIKULAPO, its prosthetic made by the best Special Effect person in Africa Onilogbo Hakeem Effect he also made the tribal marks. He’s very good at what he does. Movie is make-believe business, illusion and how best it’s stretched.”

Lekan Wasiudeen

“See what I just saw o. Since I saw Anikulapo, I kept wondering how much they paid Bimbo Ademoye to showcase breasts like that only to scroll through my feed and see a post from Onilogbo Hakeem Effect, the baddest (sic) in prosthetics They were fake after all! Hakeem never disappoints, the best in prosthetics I tell you.”

Nnedimma Stephanie

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