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Movie Review: How to Download Anikulapo Movie Online


Movie Review: How to Download Anikulapo Movie Online

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The trending Nollywood movie “Anikulapo” directed by a Nollywood filmmaker and actor, Kunle Afolayan, has stirred several reactions online with various netizens giving their review of the movie.

Movie Review: How to Download Anikulapo Movie Online

Anikulapo movie tells the tale of an ‘Aso Oke’ weaving traveller, Saro (Kunle Remi), from Gbongan, who was seeking a greener pasture in the old Oyo kingdom. In an unfolding event, he fell in love and had an affair with the Alaafin’s (King) most favourite wife, Arolake (Bimbo Ademoye).

However, their affair was discovered and this made the king (Taiwo Hassan aka Ogogo) order the palace guards to execute the stranger, Saro, for ‘defiling’ his wife.

Saro, while at the point of death was saved by his lover who stopped a mystic bird, ‘Eye Apala’, from taking Saro’s soul. In the process, Arolake stole the bird’s powers, which have the ability to resurrect people from the dead.

Saro and Arolake travelled far away to another village. Luckily, they met a hunter who took them in but on getting to the hunters destination, there was a loud cry which signifies that a soul was lost and it was the hunters son.

Arolake gave to Saro the mystery birds power and encourage him to resurrect the boy, he did and they became famous. The villagers named him ‘Anikulapo’.

The Anikulapo movie has also stirred several reactions from several netizens concerning the s3x scene displayed in the movie.

A certain scene in the movie showed where Saro (Kunle Remi) and Bimbo Ademoye (Arolake) both made love. In my opinion, the s3x scene was not necessary, considering the movie is meant to teach a vital lesson to both young and old viewers.

The display of nudity might have been a way to improve or modernize the Nollywood industry, but it was not necessary.

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