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Mp3: Justice DH – Omoiza (Download Etuno Music)


Mp3: Justice DH – Omoiza (Download Etuno Music)

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Etuno Music by Justice DH – Have you been looking for Ebira Etuno or Igarra songs? look no further, Ebira Online Media is here to bring together all Ebira People Worldwide under one umbrella.

This a very good song All Ebira People must listen to whether you are from Ebira Tao, Ebira Etuno, Ebira Toto, Ebira Panda and Egbura Koto we are all one, and with this music, I can understand clearly everything this man is singing .

A frind ask me if i can relate to Igarra Language (Ebira Etuno) i was like why not? so i decided to give it a try, to my biggest surprise i was able to not only understand but can also speak the language.(Not Fluently Though).

Ebira Online Media is the One And Only Ebira People’s Online Portal where you can get all Ebira Music whether Egbura Koto Songs or Ebira Tao or Ebira Etuno Music we got you covered. So Download and listen below.

Download Etuno Music by Justice DH below – Igarra Song

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