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Interview: Men look at me with lewd eyes –Kemi Ikuseedun (Mummy Wa)


Interview: Men look at me with lewd eyes –Kemi Ikuseedun (Mummy Wa)

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Mummy Wa

Talented actress, Kemi Ikuseedun plays Mummy Wa, the busty ‘wife’ of Debo Adedayo in the popular skit, Mr. Macaroni. In this interview, the comedienne, who is also known as Kemz Mama, opened up on her career, challenges, love life and three essential things she looks out for in a man.

The Interview Questions!

Can you tell us briefly about your background?

I attended Afolarin Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Orile Iganmu, Lagos. After that, I went to Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos. From there, I proceeded to Bells University of Technology where I studied Accounting, and ended up at University of Lagos for my Master’s degree in Management. However, I’m not practicing as an accountant, I’m a skit maker.

Why did you dump accountancy for content creation?

I did not dump accountancy for content creation. I’ve always had a thing for acting, and it is moving so well. Sincerely, I don’t even think about accountancy. Sometimes, I forget that I studied Accounting.

How did your love for acting start?

My love for acting started in the church and as a member of my school’s drama group. I got my first Christian movie role from the church, and from there, I got hooked on acting. Later, I started creating content because the auditions I attended didn’t take me far. It wasn’t really easy for me. Out of like 10 auditions, I’ll probably get one or two movie roles. It was really crazy out there. It’s still crazy. So, I started shooting movies with my phone; I started with monologues, just doing monologues on Instagram before I started posting normal comedy skits.

Have you featured in any major movie?

Yes, I have. I normally tell people that I was in Fate of Alakada for just three seconds. But I consider it an achievement. Fate of Alakada is a really amazing movie, so being there for three seconds is an achievement. I did the movie before I became ‘Mummy Wa’, and it came out two months ago. It was really nice seeing myself on screen. Aside this, I’ve done some ROK movies like Time and Chance and College Run.

People didn’t actually believe that you’re ‘Mummy Wa’ until your photos became viral. How did you manage to hide that ‘sexy’ part of you for so long?

The costume is big, so I don’t need to hide anything; it’s the costume that is hiding everything. And in that character, I’m thinking in the perspective of an African mother, and not myself. Personally, I’m not the kind of person to showcase all that I have got.

How has it been working with Mr. Macaroni?

Kemz Mama and Mr. Macaroni

It has been really beautiful for me. I’m forever grateful to him. I’m happy that I’m still working with him. The journey has been beautiful and I’m so happy to be a part of it. God bless the day I met him.

Could it be true that you guys are in relationship?

Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa are characters that we play to make people believe, because we are very good actors. Mr. Macaroni is a very good actor, and everything just compliments and blends. When people ask me, ‘where is your husband?’ I find it really funny. It feels great actually that people can relate and feel what we are doing out there. It feels nice.

You’re such a pretty and well endowed lady, have you ever faced any form of sexual harassment due to your body structure?

I think every girl has faced that; even a girl that is not so freaky has faced sexual harassment. Some very stupid guys have tried to do some certain things. This industry is hiding a lot of them, that’s the truth. A lot of girls want to act but some men in the industry are taking advantage of them. It goes the other way too, but I feel that guys do not complain as much as ladies. Maybe a female producer or director says something to them, they don’t complain, they like it. But for girls, we are more sensitive to things like these, and it’s more on us. In this industry, a lot of girls have faced sexual harassment.

If you have the opportunity, would you like to change anything about yourself?

I don’t think there’s anything to change about myself. Sometimes, I might feel depressed because I don’t like the attention I get just because of the way I look. But at the same time, there are days that I actually do feel sexy and love the way I look. Even if men look at me with their lustful eyes, I like myself and I don’t think there’s anything I want to change. I’m perfectly created the way I am.

Who are the stars you look forward to acting with?

They are many and I can’t even start to mention them. Some of them are Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade and Omoni Oboli.

Have you ever thought of producing your own movie?

What I’m thinking about now is short films, creating some short films. It’s something I really want to do. I had them before somewhere along the line but they didn’t come out. Definitely, I’m working on another one.

What’s your turn off in relationship?

It’s dishonesty and lack of respect.

Mummy Wa and It’s Bae U

Can you marry an entertainer like you?

I’m already dating one; I hope to marry him.

What are the three essential things you look out for in a potential partner?

He must be hardworking, supportive, loving and caring.