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Top 7 List of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling the Best Local Foods

List of Restaurants in Abuja – If you’ve been to Abuja or living in Abuja, Nigeria, you will know that it’s a home to feed your eyes with some amazing restaurants, and even better local food that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Whether you’re looking forward to enjoy delicious Nigerian cuisine or want to try something new, you need only look at these list of restaurants in Abuja serving up traditional Nigerian dishes as well as some unique surprises.

In no particular order, here are the top list of restaurants in Abuja selling local foods that you need to try!

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1) Olorunsogo Restaurant

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Olorunsogo is a Nigerian restaurant in Abuja that offers the best of Nigerian dishes, from Jollof rice to groundnut soup. This restaurant has an open kitchen for customers to see their food being cooked and is a great place for families who want home-cooked meals.

Olorunsogo also provides catering services for larger parties or events. A small event can cost about ₦70,000 ($200) while more elaborate events can be up to ₦300,000 ($1,000).

The staffs at Olorunsogo are well trained and takes care of the customer’s needs without fail. If you are looking for authentic Nigerian cuisine in Abuja then this should be your first stop.

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2) Awo’s Kitchen

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Awo’s Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in town for local Nigerian food. Their menu includes items like suya (a type of skewered meat), fufu (a starchy staple made from cassava flour) and ogbono soup.

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of drinks including traditional beer and soda. If you are looking for a place that serves great food while also keeping its prices low, Awo’s Kitchen is the perfect place for you!

3) Silverbird Abuja

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Silverbird Abuja is a Nigerian fast-food restaurant chain that has been serving locals since 1997. It offers a variety of African dishes including Nigerian classics such as Jollof rice and Egusi soup.

The restaurant also has a selection of international cuisine like pasta and burgers for those who are not into the local food. Other noteworthy options include their beef pepper steak with spinach cream sauce.

One downside of this restaurant is that they don’t have any washrooms available so plan accordingly!

4) Kainji Lake Resort Abuja

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Kainji Lake Resort Abuja is the perfect place for a holiday. The resort is set on a peninsula at the southern end of Kainji Lake, and it offers views of the lake and its islands. If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s luxurious but also affordable and eco-friendly, Kainji Lake Resort Abuja should be your first choice.

One thing that makes this hotel special is their dedication to local food. Their menu has a variety of dishes from different parts of Nigeria which are cooked using organic ingredients. They serve dishes such as fried plantains with beans, jollof rice with beef stew, and ugali with beans sauce.

Their star dish is their Naijal chicken curry which comes with white rice or chapatti bread depending on how spicy you want it! All the staff members are friendly and will make sure that you feel like family when dining at Kainji Lake Resort Abuja.

5) Authentic Street Food Abuja

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Authentic Street Food Abuja is a restaurant serving up authentic Nigerian dishes such as Jollof Rice and Fried Plantain for lunch and dinner. This restaurant serves up a variety of Nigerian dishes ranging from mild to spicy.

If you’re looking for something different than the standard American fare, Authentic Street Food Abuja is the place for you!

6) Ollies Restaurant

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

This restaurant is one of my favorites in Nigeria. Not only does it offer all-natural, nutritious food at a reasonable price, but they also source their ingredients locally and serve each dish up with a smile.

Go ahead and try that pita bread on your plate—I promise it will knock your socks off! If you’re ever in Abuja, be sure to stop by Ollies for some of their delicious dishes like oxtail stew, Jollof rice and plantains.

7) Pepper Palace

list of Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria Selling Local Foods

Located in Wuse II, Pepper Palace is one of those restaurants that isn’t there just to please your taste buds, but to make you feel at home. With seating space for 60 and an airy feel, it’s a good place to dine with friends or family.

The menu has Indian, Chinese and Nigerian dishes including Jollof rice, barbecue chicken wings and different types of pepper soup.

So there you have it! These are the list of restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria selling the best local foods that you need to try. Whether you are looking for some authentic Nigerian food or want a taste of something new and exotic, these restaurants will not disappoint. Stay updated for more lovely places in Abuja by clicking here to follow our Facebook Page.

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