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Residents Still Live In Fear On The Abuja Terror Alerts.


Residents Still Live In Fear On The Abuja Terror Alerts.

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The terror alerts issued on the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, not only created panic but crippled economic and social life in the city.

A fortnight ago, the federal capital territory was thrown into turmoil following the release of a security advisory by the United States embassy to its staff.

The US embassy had in its security advisory stated  that there was an elevated risk of terror attacks in Nigeria, specifically in Abuja.

The statement said targets may include but are not limited to, government buildings, places of worship, schools, markets, shopping malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, athletic gatherings, transport terminals, law enforcement facilities, and international organizations.

The US embassy, while stating to offer reduced services until further notice, asked its personnel to avoid all non-essential travel or movement, stay alert, avoid crowds, review personal security plans and keep cell phones charged in case of emergency while carrying proper identification.

In the days that followed, other foreign missions despite the Nigerian government’s rebuff repeated the same alarm causing panic and chaos.