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How I dated a transgender who pretended to be a lady – Nigerian man narrates (video)

Traumatized Nigerian man narrates his date experience with a lady who turned out to be transgender after romantic moments together.

A TikTok user identified as Dessy narrated how he met an Instagram lady with whom they had been talking together for a year and a half until they finally met.

In his words, they hung out at a bar before taking things to a penthouse he rented for the purpose of having a romantic night with her.

After a series of kisses that set the mood right, he discovered that his shy babe had more to reveal than just her affection.

He found out that she was a transgender who pretended and never mentioned that part of her life to him once.

He, however, stated that his point of making the video wasn’t to condemn transgenders, rather it is to inform them, to be honest, and not play straight men.

Watch video below:

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