“P0¥rn destroyed my family” – Kanye West cries out


“P0¥rn destroyed my family” – Kanye West cries out

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Popular hip-hop artist Kanye West has taken to Twitter to talk about his struggles with porn and how the act destroyed his family.

The American rapper revealed that the crisis in his family was because of his use of porn but he believes that Jesus will heal everything.


Kanye West also added that social media giant Twitter should remove porn¥ographic content from the platform, while he claimed that po¥rn is the product of pedophilia.

He wrote:

“The use of Po¥rn destroyed my family but Jesus will heal everything. Remove any and all forms of pornography from Twitter and every platform Pornography is the product of pedophilia When grown men look at porn they are watching someone’s daughter relive trauma for money”.

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