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Why I Can Never Stopped Blogging As A Musician – Kaptain Kush

Nigerian singer and media entrepreneur, Kaptain Kush, has revealed his passion for blogging in a recent tweet.

In the tweet, Kaptain Kush spoke about his love for writing and the importance of supporting independent artists.

“I’m musician but blogging is bae. I would never stop blogging cause how would I pay the mini bills,” Kaptain Kush tweeted from his verified Twitter handle @iKaptainKush.

Kaptain Kush, known for hit songs such as “Kush Song” and “Sorry,” has been a prominent figure on the Nigerian music scene for several years. In addition to his music, Kaptain Kush is also an avid blogger and writes about a variety of topics, including music, mental health, and personal growth.

His blog, which can be found at thecityceleb.com, has become a popular destination for fans who want to learn more about Kaptain Kush’s thoughts and experiences.

In his tweets and blog posts, Kaptain Kush often speaks openly and candidly about his own struggles and challenges, providing support and encouragement to his readers.

As an independent artist, it’s not always easy to make ends meet. Blogging is a way for me to share my thoughts and ideas and to connect with my audience in a different way,” he said.

Kaptain Kush’s message has been well-received by many of his fans, who have praised him for his talent and hard work.

“Your music and your writing are both amazing. You’re such a talented and inspiring artist,” one fan tweeted in response.

Kaptain Kush’s Instagram handle is @kaptainkushofficial, where he regularly shares updates on his music and personal life. His blog can be found at thecityceleb.com.

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