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Single and Searching? Here are the Top 30 Places to Find Love in Abuja


Single and Searching? Here are the Top 30 Places to Find Love in Abuja

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How hard is it to find love in the city of Abuja? I guess it’s really hard, because it seems to be what everyone is talking about but worry no more because love is just nearby if you follow these list to the end.

We’ve come up with a list of 30 places we guarantee you’ll find LOVE in Abuja.

So, enjoy ????

  1. COZA (Guzape): Sunday service. You might want to sit in front or back, but not the middle.
  2. H-Medix Wuse 2: It literally pops every time, especially on Saturday mornings. If you’re a guy, carry some extra cash on you in case you need to pay someone’s bill.
  3. Play: Every Thursday night is like Coachella. Make sure you are at the “inside” part where the grid walls are. Don’t sit at the entrance, you won’t find good stuff there.
  4. Jabi Lake Mall: On a weekend, A lot of single people come trooping in after a long work week. You can also catch the early morning shoppers on a Saturday
  5. Clubhouse: Famous for its exotic meals. A lot of working-class men and women come here to chill in the evening. Mondays – Fridays to be specific
  6. Vanilla: Its secluded location makes it a perfect getaway spot for singles to secretly scout for other singles, especially on weekends.
  7. Redeemed Church at Transcorp: I think that’s The Throne Room Parish. Just make sure you dress your best and be careful not to overdo it.
  8. Laguru Gym: Saturday mornings or weekday evenings.
  9. Family Worship Centre, second service. Better still attend house fellowship, you never know whose house you may end up in.
  10. NYSC Camp Kubwa. Catch them before they go into the “big city.”
  11. Law School Bwari. Before we go on, are you willing to do the drive regularly? Yes? Go get yourself a smartie pant.
  12. Banex and Emab Plaza.
  13. GTB at Wuse 2.
  14. Daniels Spa and salon Wuse 2.
  15. Transcorp ATM Machine. Love is where the money is, lol jokes. But really though, am I the only one who’s noticed that the ATM there always works?
  16. Sandralia Swimming Pool, Utako. Preferably evenings.
  17. Ibiza Gimbiya Street Area 11. For this one, you’re on your own oh.
  18. Nkataa Bukka on Fridays. Everybody loves Games night. Ps. the guys and babes that troop in ehnnnnnnn lips sealed.
  19. Iya Oyo, Wuye Weekdays from 12-3pm.
  20. Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport at the departure.
  21. Wuse Market. You’ll need to do some walking around, but what’s a little exercise compared to finding love.
  22. Heroes Plaza Wuse 2.
  23. Coldstone and Dominos Wuse 2.
  24. Amigos, Oh wait! It’s called 4U now. Well, they are there for you.
  25. River Plate Wuse 2. The front entrance before Central Mosque.
  26. Secret Garden
  27. Traffic. No, not Gana street talking about that on in the “koro” on Missouri street.
  28. National Stadium on Saturday Mornings.
  29. Ceddi Plaza
  30. City Park

Oooh, Okay! I know I said 30 places but yeh isn’t this so interesting? I’m pretty sure you want to know more so I’ll add some extra, It’s alright, you’re welcome grins

Unity Fountain on New Years Eve. Bae shall not pass you by, you will enter the new year with le boo.
Drumstix Wuse 2 from 4am -6pm. Yes oh! Even from 4am, you’re likely to find love.
Ademola Adetokunbo Street from 5pm. Find love at your own risk. If you know, you know lol