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Ebonyi PDP Chieftain claims Gistlover handler was recruited by police, reveals why he is after cops


Ebonyi PDP Chieftain claims Gistlover handler was recruited by police, reveals why he is after cops

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Ebonyi state born politician, Nwoba Chika Nwoba has revealed alleged reasons why a particular Gistlover social media account was exposing the ills of the police officers.

According to Nwoba in his verified Facebook account, the Gistlover was into blackmail which according to him will end exposing his own ills.

In his write up entitled “GISTLOVER AND AWKUZU SARS (SWAT) DEBACLE: THE INVESTIGATIVE PERSPECTIVE OF WHAT HAPPENED”, the PDP Chieftain alleged that the Gistlover account holder Emeh Nnamdi was also involved in criminal activities.

“A particular Gistlover account is the one blackmailing Princess Nkeiruka Nwode and other officers of the AWKUZU SARS. The Gistlover doing the blackmail was created in July of 2022 and has only 19k followers which started growing immediately the blackmail was published.

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“The main Gistlover has only one blog report of the entire thing and the Gistlovergram Emeh Nnamdi created is the one doing the blackmail with over 20 different posts by now.

“There are many Gistlover accounts on Facebook, but the particular one doing the blackmail is the one created July last year by Emeh Nnamdi who worked as an official tracker with the SARS, Awkuzu up till 15th of January, 2023 before he ran away with the suspect’s N126m who was arrested at Mbosi, Anambra State for sponsoring “unknown gunmen”.

“This particular Gistlover of Emeh Nnamdi did the tracking that led to the man’s arrest who’s still in detention. Emeh further went into this man’s phone when it was given to him for further searches and transferred N126m out of it which is now the bone of contention.

“Emeh Nnamdi was working in the former Gov. Obiano’s government as an SA on Cybersecurity where he was paid N250,000 monthly. The appointment was attracted by the same OC SARS he’s now blackmailing so as to help reduce cost of tracking for him.

“Emeh of the factional Gistlover transferred this suspect’s N126m into the bank accounts of the deputy chairman of Stock Exchange, Onitsha, Chief Iloama Oliver who said he later changed the money into Dollars through a banker working with the Sterling Bank, Port-harcourt Road, Onitsha by name, Onyedika Peter Obiora. Onyedika said he gave the money to a DSS personnel, Chukwudi Paul Okoli his in-law when he came to his house in Asaba with Nnamdi Daniel Emeh, a factional Gistlover.

“When the suspect, Chief Chibuike Ekwueme started complaining of the missing huge amounts, transfer history was traced to the accounts of Chief Oliver Iloama who now gave information that it was Emeh Nnamdi that transferred the money.

“By this time, Emeh Nnamdi had started running from the SARS office. He was nowhere to be found anymore.

“When finally he was got on call, he said that he wouldn’t join issues with the SARS as the money in question wasn’t their own.

“Emeh then threatened that all of them would go down the drains if they didn’t forego the issue. That was the point he started blackmailing Princess Nkeiruka Nwode with all manner of allegations so as to weaken her appetite to pursue him further.”

Narrating further, Mr. Nwoba stated that “from my investigations, Emeh Nnamdi had long been targeting to defraud the SARS and their victims.

“A trajectory of his criminal tendencies started manifesting when he was taken to the IRS office at the Police Force Headquarters, Abuja over a case of N20 million illegal transaction which was aided by a DSS officer, Chukwudi Paul Okoli now serving at the Edo State’s DSS office.

“One thing led to another and the IRT released him. Police at this point owes Nigerians an answer to the question of why they knew the Emeh Nnamdi of a boy is a criminal and still retained him as an ICT adhoc staff and further reinstated him as NYSC corper.

“From my investigations, the Emeh Nnamdi had been targeting the people he was working with – SARS without their knowledge of it.

“When he got the sum of money he was waiting to get, he started manifesting his premeditated plans of blackmail just to divert attention from his swindling act and present the officers as the ones that are corrupt. Nkeiruka Nwode isn’t working with SARS, but since she’s the one tracking him, he decided to weaken her by coming up with fictional blackmail materials.

“And as someone handling the ICT concerns of the SARS, it’s no doubt that he may have gathered records and twisted them to suit his criminal intent.

“This is the summary of what happened and I am hopeful that the IGP’s panel of investigators will do due diligence on the case and bring to book whoever is found culpable in the saga.

“I attached here relevant pictures for evidence purpose. Readers should read and digest it, save this post for future reference and then pass a commensurate judgment on my person.

“Readers should also search for different Gistlover accounts on Facebook and know it truly that the one purveying the blackmail was just created July last year for the purpose of this premeditated blackmail.

“Former Governor Obiano was brought into it because, his wife is an APGA senatorial candidate. The young man, Emeh Nnamdi could also be drawing breath from sponsorship of politicians.

“Nnamdi studied Business Administration at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He’s from Etiti community of Bende LGA of Abia State. His father was a lecturer at UNIZIK, Professor J.K Emeh.”