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I Am Excited To Hear Fans Are Disappointed I Left Early – BBTitans Sandra

Sandra, a former BBTitan, had stated that she was disappointed when she was evicted from the house.

Sandra, one of Biggie’s four new housemates, was paired with Theo Traw, and they were both evicted on Sunday, January 29, 2023.

In a recent exclusive interview with Vanguard, Sandra revealed that she had waited five years to appear on the show and was disappointed that she had to leave sooner than expected.

She said;

I really did try my best, but it was quite disappointing because wanting something for five years, then getting in and leaving just like that, that’s a deal breaker.”

When I came out of the house, I kind of liked it when I heard fans ask why I left the house so soon.”

If I had come on Sunday, I would have had my time to read people, to know this and that, but I was already short.

She further revealed her take on Biggie’s rule of pairing the housemates. According to her, she was not happy they were paired, but in her words, “now that I’m out of BBTitans, housemates should be paired until the finale.”

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