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Naira Scarcity: First Bank Sends These Message To Nigerians


Naira Scarcity: First Bank Sends These Message To Nigerians

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In the midst of the nation’s cash shortage, First Bank of Nigeria Plc has sent a message to its customers.

Reports shows that the bank closed all branches in Kaduna due to threats from disgruntled customers.

Several customers who were looking forward to receiving money from their savings were let down on Thursday in Kaduna, as the bank quietly invited security operatives to man the locked gate to prevent any mishaps.


First Bank Plc Public Affairs Manager, Dr John Bundiga, said those attacking bank branches make it more difficult for bankers to play their part in resolving the challenge “we collectively faced.”

Recognizing that the country was going through a difficult period, the bank promised to make every effort to better serve its customers.

According to him:

We know these are challenging times and our commitment to support does not waver. We will keep our doors open and have greatly increased capacity across all our electronic platforms.

He did, however, state that if they feel unsafe, they may have to temporarily close their doors because they take the safety and welfare of their employees seriously.