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Obidient tattoos Peter Obi on his chest, faces ridicule (Video)


Obidient tattoos Peter Obi on his chest, faces ridicule (Video)

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An Obidient supporter of Peter Obi stirs reactions as tattoos the name of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate on his chest.

A video making the rounds of social media captured the undying support for Peter Obi to become the president of Nigeria in the 2023 elections.

The young man inked the tattoo of the presidential candidate which he boldly flaunted as his president come February 25th, 2023.

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The Obidient fan, however, was met with ridicule from many who questioned the logic behind getting such a tattoo.

“When I say these people don’t have sense and are going too far, they say I hate Peter Obi. Na bandwagon effect be this. The hype of the moment. You people are just carried away and are already forming a cult following,” a user @seuntreacts wrote.

Another user @ukpeborfelix67 wrote,

“Tomorrow when the guy does not lift up to expectation you will find another Miss to clean it away from your chest. Don’t you see you are just a coward you don’t have single sense in your head a man you don’t even know you are doing all this. This is the same way you people behave 2015 to bring buhari to post that is the only one who can make the sun to shine in the night I make the motorcycle shop in the daytime today the story is different this is exactly people are doing with this so called Peter will be.”

@Deezhy said;
I’m obidient, but this one is just stupidity

Watch the video below;