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Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim Biography, Net Worth, Wife and Wikis


Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim Biography, Net Worth, Wife and Wikis

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Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is one of the owners/principals of the Formula One Team, Arrows.

Formula One, or more commonly known as F1, is the most sophisticated series in world motorsports. Formula One, pits the “so-called” best drivers from around the world against one another, incorporating the highest expression of racing technology, action, glamour, style, and prestige at famous road and street circuits from around the globe.

Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is a Black man… A Black man who is also a prince- the son of a Nigerian King. Prince Malik, educated at a private school in England, graduated from a British military academy, and is the holder of a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Southern California. I might add that I am too an alumnus of USC. I too have received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and marketing.” Fight On, Trojans!!!”

Prince Malik at 10

Prince Malik, along with investment bank Morgan Grenfell Private Equity, owns 50% of the $285 million Arrows Team. Malik has invested more than $70 million into the team. He is a very clever businessman who believes that within three years Arrows F1 business will be worth $1.5 billion to $2 billion…

Prince Malik’s Arrows Team is a mid-field team headed by drivers, Jos Verstappen aka “The Flying Dutchman”, and Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa. The Arrows Team have acclimated themselves well in their new “Orange” car for the new 2000 season, having placed 7th and 8th respectively at last Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Yet, that he is a prince, owner of an F1 team, well-educated, articulate with a posh or pompous English accent doesn’t change the color of his skin… Prince Malik was in the F1 paddock (pit area) last year at the famous German Nurburgring circuit. Malik, dressed in black pants and a black shirt with sponsors’ logos was leaning against a transporter when a spectator asked him, “Which truck do you drive?” The transporter that he was leaning against was largely his… Remember the $70 million he deposited into the Arrows Team account. Malik knew the spectator who asked him that question was not being intentionally racist but…

If a white man had been wearing black pants and a black shirt with sponsors’ logos and had been leaning against a transporter, would the spectator have asked him the same question?
See you at the races!!!

Prince Malik Ado’s Net worth

As at 2007 Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim invested 70 Million US Dollars in a business so as at now it makes sense to say that Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is worth more than $300,000,000 ($300Million USD).