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Was ‘EBIGO’ A Scam Uncensored?


Was ‘EBIGO’ A Scam Uncensored?

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They told us it was ideal and a proof of our diversity.

We were informed, it was for equity

Isn’t time a revealer of falsehood and deceit?

The “inventors” and Apostles are now jostling to make it ‘Ebigig’ or “EbigEb’
What is the justification for their quest to perpetuate injustice?

Should our coexistence be at the mercy of their inordinate ambition?

When the scores were 16-0-0, the agitation for power shift became loud. The inequality must be balanced.

Now that it is 16-8-0, any attempt to add to the 16 or 8 without considering Kogi West with 0 is selfish, wicked and unreasonable.

Insisting on equity and fairness should be the collective aspiration of all Kogites.

Even if it is impossible to total balance this weird equation in Kogi’s Governorship, let’s make 16-8-8.

Say NO to insensitive inordinate ambition.

Abdulhamid Tijani writes from Lokoja.

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