African History: Meet legend Kojo Kuntum, the first man to reject Pregnancy in 1842

In 1842, a Ghanaian man named Kojo Kuntum reportedly become the first man in the world to reject a girl he impregnated and this remains history till date.

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After about 181-years as of 2023, a history of a Ghanaian man named Kojo Kuntum resurfaced online, making around the internet and this also remind the world about the first man ever to reject pregnancy in year 1842.

African History: Meet legend Kojo Kuntum, the first man in to reject Pregnancy in 1842

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As a legend, Kojo has been hailed for starting the current trend of men rejecting pregnancy.

What do you have to say about men who reject pregnancy or those impregnate girls and runaway.

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