“I personally adviced my husband not to pay my bride price, we have 4kids and we are happy” – Woman revealed

A post making rounds on social media where a woman said she had advice her husband not to pay her dowry because she is not a sheep for sale has stirred reactions.

While most people; both men and women are against the notion, others in their opinions felt she is making sense.

"I personally adviced my husband not to pay my bride price, we have 4kids and we are happy" - Woman revealed

Read the post below;

“I personally adviced my husband not to pay my “Bride Price” we have 4kids & we are very happy

I’m 33yrs old, I met my husband when i was 23, we have lived together for 10yrs. We have 4 kids. I personally asked my husband not to pay my dowry, because i don’t see any need for it, we are living happily. Our children are in school, we are doing ok.,We love each other, i prefer that he adds the money to his business and keep taking care of us rather than waste it on dowry payment. He has promised to marry me by next year and we are doing a court wedding

I’m using this opportunity to advise young ladies, forget dowry you are not a sheep or goat for sale. If you truly love your man, you wouldn’t allow him waste money all in the name of “Bride Price”
She wrote….


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