Collecting money, others from your parents as a wife to assist your husband isn’t bad but love – Man revealed

A Nigerian man has revealed that; there is absolutely nothing wrong with collecting money or other stuffs from his wife family.

According to him, it is a symbol of love but understanding matters and besides, if his wife’s family can’t help them during their hard times then who will.

In his statement, he said;

Collecting money, others from your parents as a wife to assist your husband isn't bad but love - Man revealed

“Well, in my own opinion, I don’t see anything bad for my wife to collect or go to her parents or families for assistance whenever I am broke. If her families can’t help us during our tough times then where is the love they have for their child? I know she can’t be denied that access so why won’t she go to her family to get food or money If we need help. Women should learn how to run back to their families for help instead of dieing of hunger. If she know that her family can help, there is nothing bad in seeking for help to assist the husband and feed the children. Religiously, it is all love but we humans lack understanding”.

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