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Ebira Giant: The Story of the Strongest Man in Kogi Hassan Kumar (Hungry Lion)


Ebira Giant: The Story of the Strongest Man in Kogi Hassan Kumar (Hungry Lion)

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The history of Nigeria is dotted with the stories of many remarkable and larger-than-life characters, whose exploits have become legendary over time. One such character was the giant known as “Hungry Lion”. He was regarded as the strongest man in the Old Kwara State and one of the toughest in Nigeria’s history. His real name was Hassan Kumar, and he was a native of Ebira in modern-day Kogi State.

Historical accounts reveal that Hungry Lion was once regarded as the strongest man in Kogi Central, which was previously a part of Kwara State. Standing at a towering height of over 8 feet tall, his strength was the stuff of legend. He could perform incredible feats of strength, such as pulling a vehicle with a rope tied to his teeth, carrying five bags of cement on his chest, and even transporting a motorcycle with a rider on his shoulder. He was a true embodiment of strength and power and could give even heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua a run for his money.

Despite his immense size and strength, Hungry Lion was a humble and down-to-earth man. He was married twice in his lifetime, first to an Ebira woman and then to a woman from Maiduguri. From his union with his Ebira wife, he fathered a son who currently resides in Kuroko.

Hungry Lion’s life and achievements continue to inspire and fascinate people, even long after his time. His remarkable strength and prowess earned him a place in Nigeria’s history books, and his name has become synonymous with strength, power, and resilience. Despite the passage of time, Hungry Lion’s legacy lives on, and he remains an inspiration to many.

Hungry Lion passed away on November 4, 1988, in Kaduna, and was buried in his hometown in Kogi. However, his story lives on and continues to captivate the imagination of people across Nigeria and beyond. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest strongmen of his time and a true icon of Nigerian history.

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