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Fact About Ebira Girls (Other Tribes in Nigeria Shared Their Opinions)

Have you ever wondered what people think about Ebira girls? A recent online poll conducted on a Facebook group sought to gather opinions from other tribes in Nigeria about the women from the Ebira ethnic group. While some respondents had positive things to say about Ebira girls, unfortunately, the majority of the answers were quite negative.

Despite the discouraging responses, it is important to acknowledge that the opinions expressed in the survey do not necessarily reflect the views of the wider Nigerian society or even those of the Ebira community itself. It is crucial to understand that everyone has their own unique experiences and perceptions, which can sometimes be shaped by stereotypes and preconceived notions.

That being said, it is still worth exploring some of the common themes that emerged from the survey responses. Many respondents described Ebira girls as being promiscuous, uneducated, and lacking in moral values. These negative perceptions may have stemmed from misguided beliefs or past experiences with individuals who happen to be from the Ebira ethnic group.

However, there were also several respondents who held more positive views of Ebira girls. Some described them as being beautiful, kind-hearted, and hospitable. These responses may have been influenced by personal relationships with Ebira girls or a genuine appreciation for the culture and traditions of the Ebira people.

It is important to recognize that the opinions expressed in the online poll are not representative of the entire Nigerian population or even the Ebira community. While there may be some truth to some of the perceptions, it is important to approach any generalizations with caution and avoid perpetuating stereotypes.

What people say.

They are beautiful and hardworking,as an Igala guy I would love to have an Ebira lady as wife when am ready

Mustapha Yahaya

Igbira fine shaa but some of them like to dey control Their husbands and them dey flex outside too even when married. I don stay with them before.

Onyeka Chi

Never forgiving… Always cold and alert and ready for vengeance… Alphas always on standby for browsing stars of all client

Stone Stone

Absolutely gorgeous, but over anger and vawulence group of companies…

Mekus Rough Gemstone

The ones av met are beautiful and kind hearted except one wicked one in my former place of work

Fred A Saro

Good heart


If u tell them say u no do again dem go find way take delete u from the surface of the earth, unforgiving spirit na there second name

Austin Ogechi Godson

Beautiful but can bleach their complexion and they can quarrel

Enyo Fausty

The ones I’ve met r wicked n cheaters, they don’t stick to one man even their men

Chiamaka Onwundi

Stubborn, fighting, it take total endurance to stay with them, but they are beautifully made, just like this one am seeing, if not because I love my girl and she fine too I for no mind oo ????????

Ameh David Daniel

In conclusion, the online poll provides some insight into the perceptions of Ebira girls held by other Nigerian tribes. While some of the responses were negative, others were more positive. It is important to approach any stereotypes or generalizations with a critical eye and recognize that every individual is unique, with their own experiences and perspectives.

What do you think? share your opinions below by reacting and share with us in the comment section.

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