Guardiola Allegedly Had An Affair With Pique’s Girlfriend


Guardiola Allegedly Had An Affair With Pique’s Girlfriend

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In a shocking turn of events, rumors are circulating that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola allegedly had an affair with Shakira, the girlfriend of his former player Gerard Pique.

The rumor mill has been buzzing since a Spanish journalist published a tell-all book, claiming that Guardiola and Shakira had a secret relationship while Pique was still playing for Barcelona under Guardiola’s management. The book alleges that Guardiola and Shakira would meet up in hotels and that their relationship lasted for months.

Neither Guardiola nor Shakira has commented on the rumors, but the news has caused quite a stir in the football world. Fans of Guardiola and Pique alike have taken to social media to express their shock and disappointment, with many calling for Guardiola to step down from his position at Manchester City.


While it’s important to note that these allegations are just that – allegations – they have certainly sparked a conversation about the role of personal relationships in football. Some argue that Guardiola’s alleged affair could have had an impact on his relationship with Pique, potentially affecting the team dynamic and overall performance.

It’s also worth considering the impact that these rumors could have on Guardiola’s reputation, both personally and professionally. As a highly respected and successful football manager, any scandal could potentially damage his career and legacy.

For now, it remains to be seen whether there is any truth to these rumors. Regardless of the outcome, the football world will be watching closely to see how this situation develops and what impact it may have on the sport as a whole.

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