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Meet Alphonsine, mother-of-six who gave birth to a goat in Uganda (Video)

A lady reffered to as Alphonsine from Uganda painfully narrates how her husband left her with six children after she mysterious gave birth to a young goat. This was an act of withchcraft that she believes ruined her marriage completely.

Alphonsine who was born and raised in a small village in Uganda met her husband when she was still very young. They were both hardworking people and they had a huge piece of land where they practiced farming.

Meet Alphonsine, mother-of-six who gave birth to a goat in Uganda (Video)

Alphonsine was blessed with six children and they decided to concentrate on farming and raise their children. However a few years later she realized that she was pregnant again. Her husband was furious and disappointed with her and even vowed to leave her.

They talked about it and he agreed to support her through the pregnancy. When she was seven months pregnant she started to feel unwell and went to hospital. The doctors told her that her baby looked abnormal and was reffered to a more specialized hospital.

Meet Alphonsine, mother-of-six who gave birth to a goat in Uganda (Video)

She didn’t have the money to go to another hospital a d she went back home. She stayed there for months until when she was nine months. She went into labour and since her husband had travelled she decided to give birth alone.

She claimed that after pushing the baby out. She realized that it wasn’t a baby but a goat. She started screaming a.d the neighbors came to her home and found the mystery. Her husband was also called and he confirmed the incidence.

The elders said that it was an act of withchcraft from people who didn’t want the best for them and a ritual was performed. However this affected Alphonsine’s husband who decided to abandon her. He told her that she had evil spirits and left her with six children.

Meet Alphonsine, mother-of-six who gave birth to a goat in Uganda (Video)

“My husband abandoned with six children after the mysterious incidence and I was frustrated.” Alphonsine said.

She couldn’t sustain her family and she relocated back to her mother’s house. She became the village’s laughing stock and this has affected her mentally. Her husband vowed never to return back and he married another woman. She believes that the mystery of witchcraft ruined her marriage completely.

She believes that her family would still be together if she didn’t get pregnant or give birth to a goat. She still loves her husband and prays that one day he cc will come back home.

Watch the video below;

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