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Properties Damaged, Innocent People Harmed During Masquerade Outing in Adavi LGA

An evening of cultural display turned violent as the Odonkoro Masquerade outing to Okengwe from Ihima in Adavi LGA resulted in the destruction of properties and harm to innocent people. Reports indicate that at least 15 vehicles were damaged and other properties were destroyed during the incident.

This unfortunate incident was earlier reported by Ebira4Real, highlighting the ugly turn of events during the masquerade’s return from Okengwe to Ihima. The violent outbreak has sparked concerns among members of the community, particularly regarding the safety of innocent bystanders caught up in the situation.

Thankfully, reports suggest that the situation has been brought under control by responsible individuals on both sides of the conflict. The meaningful and well-behaved personalities have worked tirelessly to calm the situation and bring peace to the community. They have also called on their people to order and prevent any further escalation of the conflict.

It is essential to emphasize the importance of peaceful coexistence and the need for individuals to handle cultural displays with the utmost respect and care. These displays are meant to showcase cultural heritage and should not lead to the destruction of properties and harm to innocent individuals.

Authorities must also take decisive action to ensure that the perpetrators of the violence face the full consequences of their actions. It is only through accountability that individuals can be deterred from engaging in such violence in the future.

In conclusion, the violence that erupted during the Odonkoro Masquerade outing to Okengwe in Adavi LGA is a sad reminder of the need for peaceful coexistence and the importance of cultural preservation. We call on all members of the community to work together to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

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