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Breaking News: Man Allegedly Sets Mother-in-Law’s House on Fire in Okene following Marriage Dissolution (See Video)

In a shocking incident in Idoji, Okene LGA, a man identified as Mr. Baba Kala has been accused of attempting to set ablaze his wife and mother-in-law after his wife decided to end their marriage. The incident took place in Okene and has left the community in disbelief.

According to reliable sources, Mrs. Aliyah, who legally married Mr. Baba in October of last year, made the difficult decision to dissolve their marriage due to alleged mistreatment. In a courageous move, she took a stand against the unjust treatment she endured.

An anonymous eyewitness revealed that yesterday evening, Mr. Baba, accompanied by a friend, reportedly entered the premises of his mother-in-law’s house in possession of a loaf of bread soaked in petrol. Shockingly, they proceeded to throw the flammable bread into the house, while Mrs. Aliyah and her mother were still inside. Fortunately, both narrowly escaped the potentially fatal blaze.

This harrowing incident has raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of Mrs. Aliyah and her mother. Mr. Baba has allegedly made severe threats against their lives, further exacerbating the distressing situation.

Local authorities have been alerted to the incident and are actively investigating the matter. The community is urging swift and decisive action to ensure the safety of the victims and hold the perpetrator accountable for his actions.

Incidents such as these serve as a stark reminder of the need for increased awareness and support for individuals facing domestic violence and abusive relationships. It is crucial that victims are provided with the necessary resources and protection to break free from such harmful situations.

As this story unfolds, we will continue to provide updates on the investigation and any developments regarding the safety of Mrs. Aliyah and her mother.

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