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Hon. Ohiare resolved the lingering dispute between Islamic Sect and the Cultural Heritage Group in Ihima.


The Executive Chairman of Okehi Local Government, Hon. Abdulraheem Ozovehe Ohiare resolved the lingering disputes between the Al’Sunnah Sect and some masquerades groups in Ihima.

The disputes were traced to have stemmed from the indiscriminate and brutal flogging of some members of the Islamic sect by certain Masquerade group at Ikuehi in the last Echeane Festival in Ihima, where scores of severe injuries and property damage were meted on the Victims.

It was gathered that, HRH, Alh.Abdulraheem Ahmed Ogido, the Ohi Of Ihima, had attempted to resolve the warring issue when it happened during the said festival, but due to the degree of injuries meted on the female Al’sunnah member wearing Niqab who was returning from a Ramadan lecture propelled their furiousness and weren’t satisfied with the initial resolution made the Ohi of Ihima. Hence the need to make an official report through the DPO, Okehi Local Government Division before being referred to the Okehi Council Boss for official interface.

Hon. Ohiare having heard and seen the proof of the scores of brutality hurled at the victims commended the Religious sect for the tolerance demonstrated in these ordeals and the steps they took on ensuring peace prevails over the crisis attempt poked before them by the masquerades.

He pleaded with the sect to remain calm and watch as the law shall take its course against the perpetrators of such barbaric acts. Adding that they shall be apprehended and made to pay all the damages and the cost of the medications procured by the victims.

The religious sect expressed satisfaction with the verdict made by the Council Boss and vowed to relay the satisfactory resolution to their members.

Others in attendance were the Traditional Rulers in Ihima led by the Ohi of Ihima, the DPO, Okehi Division, Chairman, Council of Imams in Okehi Local Government, the Amir of Al’sunnah Sect in Ihima.

Ochiji J.D.Obojo.
S.A on Media & Publicity,
Okehi Local Government.



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