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Na Ebira Girl I Go Marry, An Igala Guy has Made Up His Mind to Go Against his Parents


Na Ebira Girl I Go Marry, An Igala Guy has Made Up His Mind to Go Against his Parents

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Recently, a social media user with the username @Teni_Black sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter by asking the question “Which tribe did your parents forbid you from marrying?” In response, a Twitter user with the username @blackbody98, who hails from the Igala tribe, revealed that his parents forbade him from marrying a woman from the Ebira tribe, which is located in Kogi State, Nigeria.

Despite his parents’ disapproval, @blackbody98 has made up his mind to marry an Ebira girl. He expressed confusion over his parents’ reasoning, stating that they have never been able to provide a clear explanation for their stance. He emphasized that he is not concerned with the historical or cultural differences that may exist between the Igala and Ebira people, as his heart is set on marrying a woman from the Ebira tribe.

This online conversation has brought to light the issue of tribalism and its impact on relationships in Nigeria. Although the country is home to over 250 different ethnic groups, inter-tribal marriages are often discouraged or outright forbidden due to historical animosity or cultural differences. However, it is heartening to see that @blackbody98 is willing to break this barrier and follow his heart, regardless of his parents’ objections.

It is important to note that the decision to marry someone from a different tribe should be based on love and mutual respect, rather than tribal affiliation. By breaking down these barriers and embracing diversity, Nigerians can build stronger, more united communities and foster a more harmonious society.


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