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Tragedy Strikes as Car Submerges into Omi River in Kogi, Claiming Five Lives


Tragedy Strikes as Car Submerges into Omi River in Kogi, Claiming Five Lives

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In a devastating incident, a car carrying passengers met a fatal end when it plunged into the depths of Omi River in the Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State. Reports indicate that the unfortunate accident occurred on Friday at approximately 4:30 PM, casting a shadow of grief over the community.

The ill-fated victims were reportedly returning from a somber burial ceremony in the small community of Oga, making their way back to Lokoja when the tragedy struck. The untimely loss of life serves as a heart-wrenching reminder of the fragility of human existence and the unpredictable nature of our journeys.

Investigations into the incident have revealed a troubling pattern of past fatalities in the same location. The absence of a rail guard along the bridge, attributed to government neglect, has resulted in several lives being claimed by the treacherous waters. It is a somber reflection of the urgent need for infrastructure improvements and safety measures to protect the lives of motorists and passengers who traverse these roads.

Honorable Pius Kolawole, the Chairman of Yagba West Local Government, has expressed his condolences and confirmed the occurrence of the tragic accident. He cited overspeeding as the cause of the incident and informed that the bodies of the deceased have been transferred to the morgue, adding to the sorrow that has enveloped the community.

Providing further details about the incident, Chairman Kolawole explained the hazardous conditions that contributed to the accident. He highlighted the presence of a large dam, accompanied by a canal designed for irrigation purposes. Unfortunately, the road leading to Lokoja passes adjacent to this canal, creating a narrow and perilous route for travelers.

Tragically, the driver, purportedly traveling at high speed, lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a sharp turn along the canal road. The car’s descent into the river claimed the lives of all five individuals onboard, leaving a void in the lives of their loved ones.

Efforts to gather additional information from the Kogi State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Steven Dawulung, have been unsuccessful. Despite attempts to reach out via phone calls and text messages, Dawulung has not responded at the time of this report, leaving many questions unanswered.

As the community grapples with this heart-rending loss, we are reminded of the importance of road safety measures and the need for prompt action to prevent similar tragedies in the future. May the souls of the departed find eternal peace, and may their grieving families and friends be granted strength and solace during this difficult time.

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