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Update: Alleged Arson Attack by Husband on Mother-In-Law’s House in Okene Amid Wife’s Decision to Leave Marriage

In a recent development, it has come to light that a distressing incident involving Mr. Baba and his wife, Aliyah, has garnered significant attention. Aliyah bravely shared a video documenting the abuse she and her mother endured at the hands of her husband. Despite reporting the matter to the police, no tangible action has been taken thus far.

While some individuals have vouched for Mr. Baba’s overall character, emphasizing his non-violent nature towards women, particularly wives, citing his first wife as an example, the situation demands further investigation to uncover the complete truth.

In the course of our ongoing efforts to gather more information, a scanned medical laboratory result has emerged, purportedly serving as evidence that Aliyah conspired with her mother to terminate an eight-month pregnancy. However, Aliyah herself has yet to provide her side of the story, as attempts to reach her have proven unsuccessful. Additionally, there have been allegations that both Aliyah and her sister have been detained by Mr. Baba, although this information remains unverified.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make every effort to establish contact with Aliyah to hear her perspective. Furthermore, comments from concerned individuals and members of the community are being taken into account, ensuring a comprehensive examination of this complex and distressing case.

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