Car Review: 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S680 4Matic First Drive: Big Luxury in Every Sense

2022 Mercedes-Maybach S680

The 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S680 4Matic is a dazzling display of luxury. Its exterior features, from the grille and front intakes to the trim and wheels, shine like a diamond-encrusted Rolex in a Miami nightclub. Mercedes-Benz has learned that when it comes to Maybach, all that glitters is indeed gold.

A Brief History of Maybach

Mercedes-Benz recognized the need for an ultra-luxury limousine after seeing Volkswagen acquire Bentley and BMW acquire Rolls-Royce in the 1990s. The first Maybach, based on the W140 S-Class platform, was launched in 2003. Although it was technically competent and lavishly finished, the Mercedes-Benz name lacked the gravitas to compete with the British luxury brands. Thus, it became simply “Maybach.”

The Maybach name held some significance among prewar car enthusiasts, but it was relatively unknown to the general public. The venture proved unsuccessful, with only around 3,000 cars sold worldwide before Maybach was discontinued in 2013. Mercedes reportedly incurred significant losses, with an estimated loss of over $350,000 per car produced.

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz made a strategic decision to rebrand the Maybach name and explicitly associate it with the three-pointed star logo. The new Mercedes-Maybach models, based on the W222 S-Class, became a tremendous success. Over 60,000 of these upgraded S-Class models have been sold, with a significant portion of sales occurring in China.

Overview of the 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S680 4Matic

The new Mercedes-Maybach is built on the redesigned W223 S-Class platform. Unlike its predecessor, it boasts unique sheet metal, featuring a higher hood, a more upright grille, and an enhanced greenhouse with fixed rear quarter windows. The extended wheelbase platform (Z223) provides an additional 7 inches of space between the axles compared to the long-wheelbase platform (V223), emphasizing the rear passenger compartment.

Interior Features and Comfort

The rear seats of the Mercedes-Maybach offer exceptional comfort and convenience. They can be reclined from a 19-degree rake to 43 degrees, providing a luxurious lounging experience. The leg rests extend further than before, and a calf massage function is available. Standard features include neck and shoulder heating, and the seat belts are easily accessible. Infotainment screens mounted on the backs of the front seats can be controlled using a removable touchscreen device in the rear center console.

Optional features for American buyers include a package with heated and cooled cupholders, fold-out tables in the rear-seat center console, a fridge with metal champagne flutes, and an electric opening and closing system for the rear doors.

Rear Seat Comfort and Ride Quality

Given its purpose as a luxury limousine, the rear seat of the Mercedes-Maybach is the primary focus. While it provides excellent accommodations, it falls slightly short of the plushness found in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The seat could use additional padding, especially when reclined, and the ride quality, although improved with an air suspension system, still exhibits some reactions to small imperfections in the road.

Driving Experience


Behind the wheel, the Mercedes-Maybach delivers a driving experience similar to the new S-Class. Despite its substantial size (215.3 inches long and 75.6 inches wide), the sophisticated systems of the car create a sense of maneuverability and agility. The rear-steering system enhances low-speed maneuvering, making tight turns feel effortless. The driver-assist screen and augmented-reality head-up display provide comprehensive

information about the road and traffic.

The air suspension and the extended wheelbase contribute to a stable and comfortable ride, effectively minimizing pitching and ensuring stability during cornering. The 1,750-watt, 30-speaker Burmester 4D audio system, along with noise-canceling measures, further enhance the serene driving experience.

Pricing and Availability

In the United States, two versions of the Mercedes-Maybach will be available. The Maybach S580 4Matic, equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8, is priced at $185,950 and goes on sale as a 2021 model. The Maybach S680 4Matic, featuring a 6.0-liter V-12, will be released as a 2022 model in the first half of the year. Although official pricing has not been announced, it is expected to be around $215,000.

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After more than two decades, Mercedes-Benz has successfully positioned the Maybach brand in a unique niche. While the Maybach S680 may not have the same commanding presence as a Rolls-Royce Phantom, it offers a wide range of high-tech amenities at a significantly lower price point. The S580, powered by a V-8 engine, provides generous space, opulence, and grandeur comparable to a Bentley Flying Spur. Customers seeking understated luxury will find satisfaction in a fully loaded S-Class. However, for those who crave that extra touch of bling, the Mercedes-Maybach is an irresistible choice.

2022 Mercedes-Maybach S680 4Matic First Drive Specifications

Here’s a table summarizing the specifications and price of the 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S680 4Matic:

Engine6.0-liter V-12 twin-turbocharged engine
Maximum Power603 horsepower (estimated)
Maximum Torque664 lb-ft (estimated)
Transmission9-speed automatic transmission
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive (4Matic system)
Acceleration (0-60 mph)4.4 seconds (estimated)
Top Speed155 mph (limited)
Wheelbase133.7 inches
Length215.3 inches
Width75.6 inches
Price (estimated)Starting from $215,000

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