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Ebira Lady Cries Out over Alleged Assault by Brother


Ebira Lady Cries Out over Alleged Assault by Brother

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Joan Ozavize Salihu, a young lady hailing from Kogi State, has come forward with a distressing account of alleged physical abuse inflicted upon her by her own brother, Adams Salihu, without any justifiable cause.

According to Joan, Adams, with the support of their mother, has been subjecting her to various forms of assault since her childhood, reaching a point where she was even hospitalized due to the severity of the attacks. In the past, she had warned him that she would report his actions if the abuse were to reoccur.

The most recent incident, she claimed, occurred on Tuesday, June 6, just one week after the passing of her beloved grandfather, who she asserted had shown her love and care throughout her life. In a deeply troubling revelation, Joan shared that her mother and brother, aided by one of Adams’ friends, physically assaulted her using a plank and a stone, while also labeling her as a bastard.

In her plea for help, Joan emphasized that she had never received any support from her mother or brother, particularly in matters concerning her education. She also disclosed that she was denied the freedom to have friends, and her own mother even disowned her.

Due to the hostile environment within her family, Joan made the painful decision to leave their home, as they had clearly expressed their unwillingness to have her around.

“I recently experienced an ovarian cyst and received treatment for it. However, my brother went so far as to beat and kick me in the abdomen, causing me tremendous pain. He even tore my clothing. I had no choice but to leave the house and rely on over-the-counter medication for relief, but I am still suffering,” Joan tearfully recounted.

Joan’s courageous decision to share her story highlights the urgent need for attention and action regarding domestic violence and abuse. No individual should endure such physical and emotional torment within their own family, and it is crucial that victims like Joan receive the necessary support and justice they deserve.

It is hoped that by shedding light on this distressing situation, appropriate authorities and organizations will step in to investigate the allegations, ensuring Joan’s safety and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Source: EbiraReporters

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