Malaysian Government Threatens Legal Action Against Meta for Harmful Content on Facebook

The Malaysian government has issued a stern warning to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, regarding the presence of undesirable and harmful content on its social media platform.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) expressed concern over the significant volume of content related to race, religion, royalty, impersonation, online gambling, and scam advertisements that have plagued Facebook in recent months. Despite multiple attempts to engage with Meta and request the removal of harmful content, the response from the company has been deemed sluggish and unsatisfactory by the MCMC.


The MCMC’s statement highlighted the urgent need for action and emphasized the growing public concern and scrutiny surrounding the issue. As a result of Meta’s inadequate cooperation, the MCMC stated that it is left with no choice but to consider definitive measures or legal action against the company to ensure the safety and protection of individuals in the physical realm.

The rise in ethnic tensions across Malaysia since the national election last year has prompted Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to address the situation by exerting control over social media platforms. The MCMC’s statement coincides with upcoming regional elections in six states, where Anwar’s multi-ethnic coalition will contend against a conservative Malay Muslim alliance. While these state elections do not directly impact the federal government’s position and stability, all eyes are on Anwar to gauge his unity government’s ability to secure another victory.

The potential crackdown on Meta could have negative financial implications for the company, given that Facebook is utilized by 60 percent of Malaysia’s population, totaling 33 million people.

It is worth noting that the Malaysian government has also targeted other social media platforms. Recently, Telegram received a similar threat after it initially refused to cooperate regarding complaints about content and misuse of the app. The Malaysian authorities’ concerns were related to the sale of pornographic materials, drugs, and investment scams.

Reports indicate that Malaysians have suffered losses amounting to $9.6 million due to Telegram scams since January 2020. Following initial resistance, Telegram eventually agreed to collaborate with local authorities to combat illegal activities, leading to a relaxation in the government’s crackdown efforts.

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