Ebira’s Outstanding Chef, Mary O Samuel, Calls for Guinness World Record Agencies to Witness Her Historic Attempt at Longest Cooking Marathon

Mary O Samuel, an exceptional chef hailing from Kogi State, has recently made headlines as she sets her sights on breaking the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cooking Marathon, following in the footsteps of the renowned chef Hilda. In an ambitious endeavor, Mary O Samuel has called for the presence of Guinness World Record agencies to witness and validate her record-breaking feat.

With an impressive culinary talent and a passion for pushing boundaries, Mary O Samuel aims to etch her name in the culinary history books by surpassing the existing record for the Longest Cooking Marathon, previously set by chef Hilda. Inspired by her own Ebira heritage and a desire to showcase the culinary excellence of her region, Mary O Samuel has embarked on this extraordinary journey to leave her mark on the world stage.


Recognizing the importance of official validation, Mary O Samuel has actively sought the participation of Guinness World Record agencies to oversee and authenticate her record-breaking attempt. By involving the globally recognized authority in world records, she aims to ensure the credibility and legitimacy of her achievement, leaving no room for doubt or skepticism.

The Longest Cooking Marathon is a grueling test of endurance, skill, and culinary prowess. To break the existing record, Mary O Samuel will need to showcase her culinary expertise continuously for an extended period, surpassing the incredible feat accomplished by chef Hilda. It requires unwavering determination, meticulous planning, and a deep love for the art of cooking.

Mary O Samuel’s pursuit of this Guinness World Record not only showcases her personal ambition but also shines a spotlight on the rich culinary heritage of the Ebira community. Through her exceptional skills and dedication, she aims to inspire aspiring chefs and elevate the profile of her region’s gastronomic delights.

As the preparations for her record-breaking attempt unfold, the presence of Guinness World Record agencies will serve as a testament to the authenticity and significance of Mary O Samuel’s remarkable achievement. The world will bear witness to her unwavering passion, unwavering commitment, and unmatched culinary talent.

The anticipation surrounding Mary O Samuel’s record-breaking journey has sparked excitement and curiosity among culinary enthusiasts and Ebira community members alike. Her pursuit of excellence in the culinary arts stands as a testament to the immense talent and determination that exists within the region.

With the Guinness World Record agencies on the horizon, all eyes will be on Mary O Samuel as she embarks on this awe-inspiring endeavor. The world eagerly awaits her extraordinary cooking marathon, eager to witness the birth of a new Guinness World Record holder.

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