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Sabinus Grants Scholarship to Young Girl During Stage Performance in Okene


Sabinus Grants Scholarship to Young Girl During Stage Performance in Okene

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Sabinus Performance at Precious Concert

In a remarkable act of kindness, Sabinus, the renowned performer, touched the hearts of his audience last night during the culmination of his stage performance. Amidst the grand finale, he invited a young girl to join him on stage, forever altering the trajectory of her life by granting her a scholarship. The heartwarming incident took place as part of the #PreciousGiftConcert, leaving attendees awestruck by Sabinus’ benevolence.

Curiosity prompted Sabinus to inquire about the young girl’s educational background, and she eagerly disclosed that she attended Science Secondary School. Intrigued, he further inquired about her grade level and the financial burden of her school fees. With a touch of hesitation, she responded, “SSS Two (2) and ‎₦‎1,800.”

It was at this moment that the true depth of Sabinus’ compassion became evident. Deeply moved by the girl’s situation, he resolved to alleviate her educational obstacles by presenting her with a staggering sum of ‎₦‎180,000. The weight of this gesture was not lost on the audience, who erupted into applause, recognizing the transformative impact it would have on the young girl’s future.


This extraordinary act of generosity would not have been possible without the support and platform provided by the #PreciousGiftConcert. The concert, organized by a dedicated team, has consistently aimed to bring joy, inspiration, and positive change to the lives of its attendees. Sabinus’ act of granting a scholarship aligns perfectly with the concert’s ethos, highlighting the potential of music and performance to catalyze profound social impact.

The organizers of the #PreciousGiftConcert deserve immense commendations and blessings for their unwavering commitment to creating a platform that goes beyond entertainment. Through their efforts, they have paved the way for transformative acts of kindness, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those touched by their initiatives.

Sabinus’ act of granting a scholarship to the young girl serves as a poignant reminder that a single act of generosity can ripple through time, shaping destinies and inspiring others. As the curtain falls on this remarkable stage performance, the memory of this heartwarming gesture will linger, reminding us all of the power we hold to create positive change in the lives of those around us.

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