Video: Zuleihat Yusuf Flaunt Ebira Native Attire at Miss Teen International in Cambodia

Zuleihat Yusuf Oyarazi, representing Nigeria, has made the Ebira People proud at the Miss Teen International pageant, where she confidently showcased the exquisite white and black patterned Ebira Traditional attire.

Her outfit not only captivated the audience but also provided a detailed explanation for people from all corners of the world, ensuring they became aware of the rich cultural heritage of the Ebira tribe.


It is heartening to see that Zuleihat Yusuf Oyarazi has not forgotten her roots despite leaving her hometown of Okene for Abuja. She has embraced her heritage and showcased it on a global platform, earning the respect and admiration of her fellow Ebira people.

Miss Teen International 2023 SwimSuit Competition

Ebira Online Media had previously reported on Zuleihat Oyarazi, emphasizing her proud Ebira background as she prepared to represent Nigeria in the esteemed Miss Teen International competition.

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