Dangote Refinery: Over 30,000 Skilled Nigerians Collaborated with Expatriates in Building Complex

The management of Dangote Refinery has vehemently denied the veracity of a report circulating on certain online platforms suggesting that the company favored hiring 11,000 skilled workers from India while allegedly neglecting Nigerian youths and other African nations.

In response to the claims, Anthony Chiejina, the Group Chief Branding & Communications Officer, stated that the report was crafted with malicious intent and failed to accurately portray the number of skilled Nigerian workers involved in the project.


Chiejina clarified that given the magnitude of the refinery project, a specialized and diverse skilled workforce was essential from all around the world. Among this workforce, over 30,000 Nigerians were engaged at various stages, showcasing their technical competence and making significant contributions to the successful completion of the Refinery complex.

At the peak of the construction, the skilled workforce also included 6,400 Indian workers and 3,250 Chinese workers, who collaborated with their Nigerian counterparts to ensure the project’s success.

The management of Dangote Refinery expressed pride in the level of technical expertise demonstrated by Nigerian workers, highlighting the discovery of hidden skills among them during the course of the project.

Chiejina urged the public to disregard such baseless and misleading reports, emphasizing that the focus should instead be on recognizing the potential impact of the Dangote Refinery project on Nigeria’s overall economy and the well-being of its citizens. The Dangote Group continues to lead the way in employment generation, making significant contributions to the nation’s workforce and prosperity.

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