Man Who Allegedly Murdered His Spouse in Okene, Apprehended by Kogi State Police

Kogi State Police have successfully apprehended Siyaka Muhammed, the man accused of brutally killing his spouse, Aisha Aminu, in Obehira, Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. The incident took place on Wednesday, June 8th, 2023, and had left the community in shock and distress.

According to eyewitnesses, Muhammed, aged 44, allegedly stabbed his spouse multiple times in the early hours of that fateful morning. Immediately after committing the heinous act around 6 am, he fled the scene, leaving Aisha Aminu behind.


The Kogi State Police Command, led by the diligent efforts of the Force Public Relations Officer, SP William Aya, had been actively pursuing the suspect in order to bring him to justice. The relentless pursuit of justice paid off when Siyaka Muhammed was finally apprehended.

The Chairman of Kogi Central People with Disabilities Association (KCPWDs), Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem, expressed his gratitude and relief upon learning about the arrest. Aisha Aminu, who was physically disabled, was a cherished member of the association. The loss of her life had deeply affected the disabled community.

Abdulhakeem commended the police for their professionalism, expertise, and thorough investigation skills, which played a vital role in the successful outcome of the case. The collaborative efforts between the Kogi State Police and local law enforcement agencies were instrumental in bringing closure and a sense of security to Aisha Aminu’s family, friends, and the disabled community.

The Chairman expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the police and acknowledged the hard work, commitment, and dedication of the entire team involved in the arrest. Their unwavering efforts to protect the disabled community and ensure justice for Aisha Aminu were recognized and praised.

The successful arrest of Siyaka Muhammed serves as a reminder of the importance of law enforcement in upholding safety and security within the community. It is a testament to their commitment to serving and protecting the people they serve.

The Kogi Central People with Disabilities Association extends its gratitude to the Kogi State Police and all those involved in bringing justice to Aisha Aminu’s tragic demise. Their actions have made a significant difference and have helped restore a sense of safety and security within the community.

The association urges the community to remain vigilant and continue supporting one another during this challenging time. The memory of Aisha Aminu will forever be cherished, and her tragic passing serves as a reminder to advocate for the protection and well-being of every member of society.

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