Ruth Kadiri’s “Better Half” Movie – A Unique Love Story (Review, Rating and Where to Watch and Download)

Ruth Kadiri’s Better Half Movie – In this engaging movie review, we delve into the captivating world of Ruth Kadiri’s “Better Half.” Known for her exceptional storytelling, Kadiri weaves a unique love story that adds a fresh twist to the traditional romance narrative. With a well-chosen cast and heartwarming performances, the film takes us on a journey of infatuation, deception, and forgiveness. Join us as we explore the intriguing love tale of Kanye, a university student, and his lecturer, Sia, and discover the emotional depth and charm this movie has to offer.

Ruth Kadiri's Better Half Movie Review - A Unique Love Story (Review, Rating and Where to Watch and Download)
Ruth Kadiri’s Better Half Movie

Overview of Ruth Kadiri’s Better Half Movie

Item ReviewedBetter Half
AuthorNollywood REinvented
CastUche Montana, Chidi Dike, Detola Jones, Sir Chris Akwarandu, Obi Titus, Nanya Chukwuemeka, Gloria Jemadefe, Edwin Oghenekaro, Richard Ifeanyi
DirectorNwosu Abagana Richard
ProducerPrecious Kadiri
ScreenplayOnyii Cindy Umeh
Watch OnlineYouTube


“Better Half” tells the captivating love story of Kanye, a university student (Chidi Dike), and his lecturer, Sia (Uche Montana). Kanye has always admired Sia, and when he creates an online persona named Kennedy to connect with her, their lives take an unexpected turn. As their relationship blossoms, he proposes to her, leading to a traditional wedding. However, Sia soon discovers a surprising truth about her new husband, Kanye. The movie follows Kanye’s journey to seek forgiveness and reignite the spark between them.


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Ruth Kadiri, known for her exceptional storytelling, brings us “Better Half,” a film that adds a unique twist to a classic romance narrative.

The movie’s premise is both intriguing and heartwarming. Kanye’s infatuation with Sia is portrayed in a fresh and engaging way as he uses an online persona to express his feelings for her. The development of their relationship, culminating in a traditional wedding, keeps the audience invested in their love story.

“Better Half” also benefits from its well-chosen cast. Uche Montana and Detola Jones deliver commendable performances that add depth to the film. Their chemistry on screen brings the characters to life, making their interactions believable and emotionally resonant.

The movie showcases beautiful cinematography and captivating scenes. The depiction of the university setting, although not entirely realistic, still serves as a charming backdrop for the love story. The use of music, though occasionally repetitive, sets the mood effectively, enhancing the emotional moments between the characters.

Despite a few minor flaws, “Better Half” remains an enjoyable watch, especially for those who appreciate unconventional romance narratives. Ruth Kadiri’s direction and storytelling continue to shine, making the movie a memorable and heartwarming experience.

In conclusion

“Better Half” is a unique love story that blends creativity and emotions. With commendable performances and a captivating plot, the film keeps viewers entertained and invested in Kanye and Sia’s journey. If you enjoy romance films with a fresh twist, “Better Half” is a delightful choice for your movie night.

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