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Unlocking the Mystery of Enya-Ohu: A Hidden Power Among Ebira Women (See Pictures)


Unlocking the Mystery of Enya-Ohu: A Hidden Power Among Ebira Women (See Pictures)

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Unlocking the Mystery of Enya-Ohu: A Hidden Power Among Ebira Women (See Pictures)
Unlocking the Mystery of Enya-Ohu

Mystery of Enya Ohu – Enya-Ohu, a closely guarded secret of the Ebira female community, remains shrouded in mystery, with an astonishing 90% of Ebira women yet to discover its existence. This enigmatic artifact is believed to possess immense power and plays an integral role in the abilities of Ebira women. Throughout history, only those women deemed capable of communicating with spirits were allowed to create and use the “enya ohu.” Once established, the knowledge of its construction and usage remained a closely guarded secret.

Enya Ohu is directly translated to Things or Load of the Market in Ebira language.

Enya-Ohu finds its purpose during the sacred ritual known as Onyi Muruwei, an essential element of the burial ceremony for elderly Ebira women, accompanied by various cultural displays. During this ceremony, the Enya-Ohu takes center stage, exhibiting its unique qualities. It is said that the artifact shakes vigorously when the lady carrying it fails to dance, a clear sign of its annoyance. To prevent such a reaction and respect the power of Enya-Ohu, the women carrying it can be seen dancing gracefully throughout the occasion.

Enyohu, Enya-Ohu is a compound noun composed as follows: ęnya + ohu in Ebira Language

Yakubu Binuyaminu (Binoosmart)


Enya-Ohu Picture From 1968

Mystery of Enya Ohu

Eny’ohu, “the things of the market,” put together for the commemorative processions of deceased women. Here, it was prepared in honor of the mother of Sule Otu, a singer, for display at his annual performance at Okene, the administrative centre of Ebira, November 1969.

Pictures from 1968 Showing Rich Ebira Culture.

These mysterious artifacts vary in appearance, some adorned lavishly with uto (cowries), while others bear fewer uto (cowries), all crafted with odi ovivi (red cap) materials. The significance of the uto and odi ovivi in relation to the Enya-Ohu remains a secret held tightly within the Ebira female community.

Through generations, the knowledge and practice of Enya-Ohu have been passed down among a select few, ensuring the continuity of this unique tradition. However, the vast majority of Ebira women have yet to gain access to this hidden power that is believed to be an essential part of their heritage.

Enya Ohu With Full Cowries

Intrinsically linked to spiritual communication and revered in the ancient times, Enya-Ohu has held a significant role within Ebira culture. Its presence during Onyi Muruwei serves as a testament to the importance placed on traditions and the acknowledgment of the power within women.

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Enya-Ohu With Fewer Cowries

While the secrets of Enya-Ohu continue to be safeguarded, the tradition remains a captivating aspect of Ebira history, showcasing the richness and complexity of their cultural heritage. As the world progresses, it is hoped that the wisdom and knowledge of Enya-Ohu will endure, allowing more Ebira women to discover and embrace this extraordinary artifact that embodies the strength and spirituality of their ancestors.

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