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Analysis: Nigeria Leads With $7.8 Billion on Beauty and Personal Care Market in Africa


Analysis: Nigeria Leads With $7.8 Billion on Beauty and Personal Care Market in Africa

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Nigeria Leads With $7.8 Billion on Beauty and Personal Care Market in Africa

In the dynamic year of 2023, the African Beauty and Personal Care industry is making waves, accumulating an impressive $57.12 billion in revenue.

At the forefront, Nigeria emerges as the dominant player, boasting a commanding share of $7.8 billion as of August 2023.

These insights, meticulously curated by Nairametrics through comprehensive data analysis from Statista across various African nations, cast a spotlight on Nigeria’s flourishing beauty and personal care panorama.

Nigeria Leads with a Strong Projected Growth of 14.43%

Positioned at the helm, the Nigerian market is projected to uphold its supremacy with an estimated annual growth of 14.43% over the next five years.

Segment Breakdown: Personal Care Garners $3.49 Billion, Online Sales Contribute 2.9%

Within this vibrant ecosystem, the Personal Care segment commands a significant portion, amassing $3.49 billion in 2023. Notably, a substantial 2.9% of the total revenue stems from online sales, exemplifying the industry’s evolving digital landscape.

Diverse Spectrum of Products and Spending Patterns

The beauty and personal care market’s intricate tapestry encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from indispensable beauty essentials like facial and lip cosmetics to skincare products, alluring fragrances, and a comprehensive array of personal care items. This repertoire spans from haircare necessities to reliable deodorants and shaving essentials.

Delving into spending patterns, the data reveals intriguing insights:

  1. Lip cosmetics draw an average expenditure of $2.21 per individual, collectively contributing to a remarkable revenue of $0.47 billion.
  2. The realm of facial cosmetics generates a substantial revenue of $343 million.
  3. Nail care garners approximately $229.70 million in revenue, signifying an average per-person spending of about $1.03 on nail-related products or services.
  4. The hair care niche commands an impressive total revenue of $1.16 billion, translating to an average individual expenditure of $5.16.
  5. Fragrances capture the market’s olfactory senses, generating an estimated $0.89 billion in revenue. It is anticipated that 94% of this sector’s sales will be attributed to non-luxury goods.
  6. The shave-related product and service market contributes significantly with an estimated revenue of $1.13 billion.

Comparative Analysis: Nigeria’s Beauty Revenue Shines Bright

A comparative glance at beauty revenues across African countries showcases Nigeria’s undeniable supremacy:

  1. Nigeria takes the crown with a staggering $7.8 billion in beauty revenue and a projected annual growth rate of 14.43%.
  2. Egypt claims the second spot, amassing $6.18 billion in beauty revenue, poised for a projected annual growth rate of 6.46%.
  3. Ethiopia secures the third position with a beauty revenue of $4.45 billion, accompanied by a projected annual growth rate of 4.29%.

The list continues, highlighting the beauty market’s prowess in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, and Sudan, each making remarkable contributions to the industry’s exuberance.

In summary, the African Beauty and Personal Care market of 2023 is a testament to Nigeria’s impressive dominance and growth trajectory. With a diverse product range and evolving spending patterns, the industry paves the way for continued expansion and innovation in the years to come.


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