Collaboration in the Works: Reference Hospital Okene and Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja Join Forces

Professor Solomon Avidime, the Chief Medical Director of Kogi State’s Reference Hospital in Okene, has initiated discussions with the management of the Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja (FTHL) to establish a seamless collaboration between the two medical institutions.

During a formal meeting on Friday, Avidime engaged with Dr. Olatunde Alabi, the Chief Medical Director of FTHL, highlighting the advanced facilities present in the reference hospital. He emphasized that all healthcare facilities in Kogi State could benefit from these state-of-the-art resources, thus enhancing the quality of healthcare services.


While acknowledging that the new hospital is well-equipped, Avidime noted the necessity for a skilled human resource base to professionally manage the diverse units, departments, and facilities within the establishment. His purpose in the meeting was to explore potential avenues for collaboration between the two healthcare institutions to achieve mutual benefits.

Dr. Olatunde Alabi, CMD of the Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja, expressed gratitude to Governor Yahaya Bello for his commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery across the state. He praised the addition of multiple ultramodern hospitals, including a world-class standard reference hospital equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

Alabi acknowledged the esteemed reputation of Professor Avidime as a leader and scholar in the medical field. He expressed his enthusiasm about collaborating with Avidime to elevate the status of the Reference Hospital Okene on the global healthcare map.

Dr. Bernard Ododo Itopa, Director of Clinical Services at FTHL, along with the former Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in the state, were present to warmly receive Professor Avidime and engage in the discussions.

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