FCTA Demolishes Illegal Market Allegedly Use For Criminal Activities In Abuja

FCTA Demolishes Illegal Market Allegedly Use For Criminal Activities In Abuja

In a decisive move, officials from the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) carried out the demolition of an illegal market named “Kasuwan Dare.”

The market, situated on Hassan Musa Katsina Street, near Kpaduma II in the Asokoro Extension area of Abuja, had allegedly become a hotspot for criminal activities, including harboring hoodlums and drug dealers.


The Director of the Department of Development Control, Mr. Mukhtar Galadima, emphasized the significant threat posed by the illegal market to both local residents and passersby.

Despite previous attempts by the FCT Administration to rectify the situation, the area had apparently turned into a hub for criminal operations.

Galadima underscored the negative impact of miscreants on the overall environment and stated that the FCT Administration would not allow this to persist.

He noted that due to the security concerns and the market’s role as a hideout for criminals, the decision to demolish the area had been taken.

“We’ve demolished the site a few times before, only for it to be rebuilt by the offenders who continued their illicit activities.

This time, the demolition will be permanent as we aim to cleanse and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.

This move aligns with the current administration’s city-sanitization policy, and this location marks the beginning of our efforts,” Galadima explained.

Mr. Peter Olumuji, Secretary of FCTA Command and Control, emphasized the commitment to ensuring the safety of residents in the vicinity.

The Village Head of Kpaduma, Mr. Bitrus Yakubu, expressed gratitude toward the FCT Administration for intervening and clearing the area of criminal elements.

While the market had existed for over two decades, the community welcomed its removal as a positive step toward their well-being.

This operation underscores the FCT Administration’s determination to tackle crime and maintain the city’s security and aesthetic standards.

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