FG Minister Vows to Transform Lokoja-Ganaja-Ajaokuta Road to Enhance Connectivity

In an earnest commitment to improving transportation infrastructure, Senator David Umahi, the Minister of Works, has announced ambitious plans to overhaul the Lokoja-Ganaja-Ajaokuta road in Kogi State.

This announcement came during a courtesy visit to Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, held at the Government House in Lokoja on Tuesday evening.


The minister’s visit also encompassed a comprehensive inspection of various critical roadways and bridges in the state.

Senator Umahi emphasized his administration’s intention to introduce durable and easily maintainable concrete roads, aiming for significant progress in federal road projects across Kogi State.

FG Minister Vows to Transform of Lokoja-Ganaja-Ajaokuta Road to Enhance Connectivity

The minister’s prior visits to inspect key infrastructure included the Gada-Biu bridge reconstruction, the Abaji section of the Abuja-Lokoja road, the Koto-Karfe and Murtala bridges, as well as the Lokoja-Okene and Lokoja-Kabba roads.

The focal point of Umahi’s announcement was the introduction of innovative concrete road construction, a solution projected to require minimal maintenance costs and boast a lifespan exceeding 50 years without substantial upkeep.

Highlighting the economic advantages, the minister underscored that concrete roads present a more cost-effective option in terms of construction expenses and long-term material guarantees.

Acknowledging Governor Yahaya Bello’s dedication to the welfare of Kogi State’s populace, Senator Umahi conveyed his gratitude for the warm reception he received since his appointment as Minister of Works.

He applauded the governor’s strides in education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

Governor Bello, in his response, expressed sincere appreciation for Senator Umahi’s proactive approach in personally assessing the deteriorating federal roadways within the state.

He commended the minister’s commitment to addressing critical infrastructure issues and highlighted the strategic significance of Kogi State as a crucial link between Northern and Southern Nigeria.

Governor Bello eloquently outlined the challenges faced by commuters due to the condition of federal roads, which has adversely impacted trade, economy, and transportation systems.

He conveyed optimism about the Federal Government’s dedication to bolstering the nation’s road infrastructure and commended Senator Umahi for his visit, signaling a unified commitment to propelling the state’s development agenda.

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