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Iran Unveils Mohajer-10: An Advanced Homemade Drone with Extended Range and Payload

In a significant technological stride, Iran has introduced the Mohajer-10, an indigenous advanced drone boasting substantial enhancements in flight capabilities and payload capacity.

Iranian state media reports reveal that the drone, which underscores Iran’s progress in military technology, possesses an operational range of an impressive 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles), coupled with an extended flight duration of up to 24 hours.


Notably, the drone’s payload capacity has been substantially augmented, reaching 300 kilograms (661 pounds), twice the capacity of its predecessor, the “Mohajer-6” drone.

Iran Unveils Mohajer-10: An Advanced Homemade Drone with Extended Range and Payload, Amidst Rising Tensions with Israel

Marking Iran’s military industry day, a strategically timed video showcasing the Mohajer-10 alongside other cutting-edge military hardware was released by Iranian media. The video featured a poignant message in both Hebrew and Persian: “prepare your shelters.”

This overt reference, amidst mounting tensions between long-standing adversaries Iran and Israel, underscores the geopolitical backdrop against which this technological development is unveiled.

As Iran demonstrates its continued progress in drone technology, the regional power-play dynamics in the Middle East region seem poised to witness further complexities.

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